Our continuous effort is to produce efficient medicines and save more lives



Voctor Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., is a global enterprise, with a vision to improve and innovate sustainable and efficient healthcare systems and therapeutic formulations for the benefit of the everybody.  We take pride in the fact that doctors and medical professionals of different specialities easily depend on our ever expanding product profile.  This is achieved by adhering to top notch quality standards and practices in procurement and production of our products, which are considered one of the best in the pharma industry.

Our Vision

At Voctor Pharmaceuticals, our Vision is to make essential and evolving medicines available to everybody.  Therapeutics are changing at a pace that is never seen before and we strive to stay at the frontline in delivering those advancements.

We are committed to a sustainable, efficient and innovative model that is advantageous to all the stakeholders of healthcare industry.  Driven by a passion to make fast evolving therapeutics available to everyone, we are always expanding our capacity and capablities.

Our Mission

Voctor Pharmaceuticals, was founded with a mission to save lives of the people in need with innovative, essential and efficient medication.  In this endeavour, we have partnered with eminent professionals and various stakeholders of the pharma industry including  esteemed doctors and medical practitioners of various specialities to improve what is already existing.   

Through such collaboration and feedback, we have created a product profile that is essential in many walks of life and are expanding as we go forward.

Meeting the demands of challenging times

We prioritize the demands of latest challenging times and drugs that could effectively deal with the evolving needs of the patients.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is embedded into every every operating procedure all through the manufacturing process of drugs at our manufacturing facilities.  A system meant to strictly adhere to the Quality Policy of the company is set in place to continuously improve the work processes and their efficiency.  QA is the foundation on which a reliable product base is built upon at Voctor Pharmaceuticals.

Quality Control

Intensive QC activities are performed at every stage of the drug manufacturing process through RM/PM analysis, Finished Products analysis, In-process Checks and Stability Studies.